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I am trying to choose between  Amana  &  Payne

I will swear by Amana.  Great company, affordable unit costs, longevity of equipment, easy access for technicians.  Payne I have seen often, and to repair them.  I have had manufacturer issues, recalls, defective coils out of the BOX new, and a royal pain for warranty coverage not to be broken.  

Amana is easy to deal with, they make quality units and don't hassle me as much on the scant occasions I need to replace a part in warranty.  I cna only think of three times in a dozen or so years.  Payne...?  Maybe two a year, and then there was 2003 when the had a recall because of defect that I had about 50 calls to replace the bad part.  Hm.  

It happens, and I install a comparable amount of each new every year.  I see a few more Amanas in the field, and on the whole I trust them more.  Understand every technician may have his own opinion, but I am proud to stand behind mine because of experience, and the recall statistics.

I hope this helps.

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I will be happy to answer any basic HVAC question by a homeowner, installer, or technician about their split-system maintenance, repair, and installation. I would not be willing to do extensive research into the particulars of a specific system, but any homeowner looking to get questions answered about why we contractors charge what we do, explanations of why a certain part is needed, how to improve indoor air quality and basic repair. I specialize in ELECTRIC HEAT and HEATPUMPS...NOT gas or oil. Although I may be able to answer the odd question about gas and oil, please do not ask me questions pertaining to them because I am not an expert in that aspect of the field.


I repaired my father's unit when I was 9, and always had an interest in the field. Became a helper at 16, and am now a certified contractor for residential systems in HVACR. So I have over 20 years experience in the field, and add about 7 more of just dabbling and study.

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I won the ACCA technician award on the state-wide level 8 years running. This is the all-around A/C repair competition where most large companies each send their best guy to compete for the plaque. I am 12-for-17, rated as the #1 technician in Florida. I have the plaque to prove it. **I placed second in 2011, ending my 9 year run. But won it again in 2012, and the award should arrive in late January.

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