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My name is Tim and my wife and I have purchased our first home almost a year ago...very excited. We are very pleased with the house but we have noticed that it is hard to keep it warm downstairs in the winter and cool in the summer. The house was built 2003 and is a two story home. About 1900 sq feet. I keep the thermostat on about 71 degrees auto. Thermostat is upstairs btw. I know that heat rises but there is a significant difference between upstairs and downstairs. I can get halfway down the stairs and feel a significant temp change. My feet are cold while typing this. Lol. It really feels like there is a 8-10 degree if not more difference. But upstairs it sometimes feels much higher than 71. We have our ceiling fan running at a low speed to circulate air and have purchased a small box fan to help cool our bedroom upstairs, which is the hottest room in the house. We have a bonus room and two guest rooms upstairs with us that are not being used at this time. We had a HVAC guy come out to do a minor repair this past summer, and he said that the unit this house was built with was probably undersized for this size house. My question is, are there any things that we can do to help this problem. Im still in school so we dobt have tge funds for a new system or anything. There is a large crawlspace under the house that has been leveled and has a vapor barrier with two air vents. Its large enough to stand in most of it. I can look up and see the floor boards. Should I insulate between the floor joyces? Would that help? Im sorry for the long question and info. Just hoping that there is something I can do. Also is it bad to close off some registers upstairs? Thank you!


I am not sure what to tell you right now, I just do not have much to work with from you.  You seem to have a typical problem with split level homes and one unit.  You might be able to get some repairs done to the home without much cost to you.  I know where I live, the power company will give rebates when work is done to make the home more efficient.  Contact them to see if they offer anything like that.  They might complete a survey and offer ways to reduce power usage.  You are also better off spending money on things that will pay off in the long run.  Adding insulation to the attic and maybe the crawl space.  Installing an attic vent fan to remove the heat.  The fans work with solar power and turn on and off automatically.  The final thing is to determine if the unit is sized correctly, then balance out the system to the right amount of air cools or heats in the proper amounts for each room.


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