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1,overcharging a system with refrigerant (freon) will cause the head pressure to be(answer) #2,If a compressor has faulty valves, the head pressure would be (answer) #3 all air-conditioning unit must be grounded electrically to(answer) #4 to locate leaks, which of the following should be built up in all parts of the system (answer) #5, If the condenser fan motor goes out and the unit continues, it will cause (answer) #6, If the evaporator coil is clogged  so almost no air passes through, which of the following will happen (answer) #7 A vacuum pump is used to (answer) #8, There are two types of compressors in popular use, they are(answer) #9, A zero reading on a freon gauge manifold equals.(answer) # 10, What metering device is most common on apartment air conditioners (answer) #11, A low freon charge is likely due to a _________ in the system (answer) #12, you have just replaced a compressor which failed mechanically, what else would you do before you start the unit again (answer) #13, If the condenser coil is dirty, the head pressure will? (qnswer). could you please provide me these answer. thanking you in advance.


1, Increase above it's normal operating range

2, lower than normal or would be equalized with the low side pressures

3, unpainted metal, eventually ground wire going back to the main distribution center ground.

4, nitrogen and trace refrigerant should be added ,if system has no refrigerant( built up in all parts of the system????? )do not know what that means

5. Higher than normal head and suction pressures,

6, Coil to ice

7,remove moisture/non condensible from system

8, Scrolls and Reciprocating

9,O psi,no refrigerant in system

10, chances are it's a piston ( fixed orifice # then second chance a TEV Thermostatic Expansion valve


12, verify new compressor has continuity between all three legs,and checking the compressor for ground BEFORE installing,verify correct voltage to compressor,if system has fixed orifice metering device,verify correct size  for system ,blow out lines with nitrogen,replace worn parts such as a compressor contactor and the run capacitor ( single phase units ),replace burnt wire tips, tighten all electrical connections,clean indoor and outdoor coil.Verify indoor coil is matched to outdoor unit.replace the filter drier ,add virgen refrigerant.??? ( compare the reclaimed refrigerant weight to nametag weight for correct charge ) But most important is to find out why the compressor failed in the first place.

13, increase

Did I Pass OK ??????????

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