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QUESTION: My Amana side-by-side refrigerator, model no. SX255W, has begun acting strangely. Vegetables in the bottom drawer freeze. The top shelf of the fridge is cold; the middle shelves room temperature. Food in the upper half of the freezer thaws. The bottom half remained frozen. (It should be noted, though, that the top part contained mainly quick-thawing items like bread and vegetables, while the bottom had roasts.)

The first time this happened, we took everything out and unplugged it. The next day, we plugged it back in to try to figure out the problem, and it appeared to be functioning normally. We tested by freezing ice cubes on the top shelf and checking the temps with a thermometer.

So we put everything back in. It seemed to work fine for a couple of months, but yesterday, it happened again. When we emptied it, I noticed that this time, the bottom half of the back wall of the freezer was frosted over.

If it matters, both times the freezer was very full. The first time, the fridge was packed, too. The second time, the fridge was not so full and, in particular, there was definitely space around the duct at the back of the top shelf.

I appreciate any help you can give me.

ANSWER: You have a defrost problem meaning one of three things are defective.  Defrost heater, timer or terminator.  It is difficult to determine which is defective without testing these items.  In addition, I tried to run the model number you supplied and it is not a good model number.  When replying, please supply a good and valid model number.    

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Eric and Ann Campion

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Amana details
Amana details  
QUESTION: Here is the tag from the inside of the fridge. It looks like I mistook an S for a 5.

We can likely test if you'll tell us how.

Thanks for the rating.....are you the one who called and said your control was burnt?  I told you to have it soldered?  Eric

Thanks for the model number.  Looks like you have an electronic defrost control that is no longer available.   If you remove the freezer inside rear cover you can test the defrost heater.  If it have continuity, it is good.  The next item to test is the defrost terminator.  Keep in mind when testing this, it must be cold or it will read open and appear defective. If both of these have continuity when cold, the electronic control is not initiating defrost and then you might try and find someone who rebuilds those controls.  There are companies that rebuild controls and a search for appliance rebuilt controls should produce a few.  Check their lists and see if part number 10678002 or 120050506 is among the controls they rebuild.  Both numbers will work on your unit. Good Luck and If I can help further.....      Eric  

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