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Have a York Heat-pump installed in 2003 (3 tons, 5 KW strip heater). It was a lousy installation, and had to request York's intervention to hace the house re-piped, and the compressor jacketed to reduce the noise. Fixing the thing took over a year. Long story short: It's dying, so after 10 years need to get a new one. Most likely would have to replace both compressor and air handling unit. Read good comments about York, it looks like people still value their products, but it was painful to deal with them and they do not have equipment with higher SEER.
May you suggest the most reliable brands I should be looking for with high SEER rated (>19) equipment?


You are on the correct path to replace the system as a new compressor will only have at max a 1 year warranty, but a new system will have at least a 5 year. I am not familiar with the higher end seer units. The experience I have had is the upfront cost is so high compared even to a 13 seer unit it would take a great deal of savings to justify the cost. Also as a for instance, a 13 seer indoor fan motor is around $100. A 19 seer will be over $1000. I would prefer to use the cost difference in better windows, insulation, etc. that will be a permanent savings for the structure. I did this in my own home, triple pane windows, 2' of overhead insulation, etc and I heat and cool 1900 sq ft with a 13 seer 2 ton heat pump. There are many internet searches available for the higher end seer units. Thanks J

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