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QUESTION: HEllo I have an older RUDD AC_HEAT PUMP 3 ton combo. Wehn I turned the HEAT on last night it made a repetitive,loud CLICK CLICK CLICK noise inside the indoor air handler, over and over, but we did have heat at all times, even when it made the clicking sound. We rplaced the outdoor REVERSING valve but still same problem..what could this be?
I looked outside..only thing I can see that looked burnt was the defrost relay...think that is what its called..its clear and you can see inside it (MADE BY ESSEX)

PLEASE email asap

A clicking sound at the inside air handler doesn't have anything to do with the outside heat pump.
About the only thing I can think may be wrong is some thing in the blower wheel that shouldn't be or the blower wheel is out of balance.
Turn the power off, open the blower compartment, check inside, spin the squirrel cage wheel by hand, If your air filter is in there check to see if it's loose or dirty enough to get sucked in to the wheel?

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QUESTION: Hi and thanks for the fast reply. NO, the filter is brand new and is way below the blower. Is there a blower relay that can click? I don't see anything stuck..its a bit dirty but not bad and squirrel cage spins free.
Last year someone mentooned it could be a transformer (24 volt).
Just wanting to see what the problem is. OH, it doesn't do ANY CLICKING when its warm out (like during the day)..ONLY at night when its cold out..we are in Florida, so cold is when its around 50-65 degrees out! its an older RUDD AC/HEAT PUMP COMBO. thanks

There is a blower relay but if the blower runs un-interrupted I doubt if that's what your hearing?
If it's more of a ticking noise then a clicking noise it could just be expansion and contraction from heat up and cool down which isn't that un unusual.

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