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We have a older Rudd Deluxe Efficiency. When it comes on to turn the exhaust blower comes on ,then the ignitor comes ,the gas lights.,But
Some times it dose not light the gas part. We have replaced just about every thing on it. And could have bought a new one. At this point it is working  fine. But its been doing this for years now.  When it dose mess up we turn it off 5 or 10 min. then it will go on working. Two Experts have not fixed it yet. Please help us.

 You really didn't supply me with very much information to give a difinative answer, but I will give the best with what I have to work with.  Not knowing what parts were actually changed, when and if by a qualified technition, it sounds like the Hold part of the "Pick and Hold" coil in the gas valve is either weak or the slide is sticking.If your Ruud has has a HS-780 ignitor box and it has not been changed as one of the many parts, that would be my first guess, though.
 That is my "guess" going on the assumtion that no flame what so ever even try's to light.
 If you really want a more educated guess, I will need a whole lot more info as, an issue with a furnace that works all the time except once in a great while is sometimes very hard to find even when I am on the job and am able to meters and guages and such on the equipment.
 I would need....model and serial number, exactly what parts were changed and when.  A history of what and how long this has been happening and what and how often was it looked at and what was done each time.
 Then I need to know what the furnace does when the flame does not light?  Does it try 3 or 4 times and then just shut down or does it try 3 or 4 times and then shut down and lock the blower( thats the fan that blows air into the house) on?
and what was done each time.
 Then I need to know what the furnace does when the flame does not light?  Does it try 3 or 4 times and then just shut down or does it try 3 or 4 times and then shut down and lock the blower( thats the fan that blows air into the house) on?
 Also have you had maintenance done on any regular basis, including burners cleaned, ect.  Have any of the people that have worked on it taked and recorded inlet and outlet gas pressure?
 In summation, the HS-780 would be the first thing to look at, next a sticking gas valve, but these are but guesses and without putting meter and guages on your equipment all anyone could do in this situation is a professional guess

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