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QUESTION: I have a new ProCom Model #: MD200TBF space heater from Lowes. When i set the blower to auto after a few seconds after the blowe comes on the pilot light goes out. Then the  burner goes off as well. It's done this since it was installed. I do have a new gas line from the gas valve to the heater. Other than that the heater works fine.

It sounds like the space heaters combustion chamber is cracked or leaking air from the blower through to the pilot light area.
You need to observe the pilot flame when the blower comes on to see if the pilot flame wavers about from air blowing at it?

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QUESTION: Thanks for the info. What does a cracked combustion chamber mean?

Did you observe the pilot flame when the blower comes on?
Dose it waiver, change it's burning pattern before it goes out?
Dose it burn steady on the thermocouple?
I don't know a "ProCom Model #: MD200TBF space heater from Lowes"? dose it even have a thermocouple?
A combustion chamber is the space that the fire burns in so gas fumes don't escape and the air from the blower doesn't disturbe, if it's cracked or leaks air/fumes etc, it's unsafe,

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