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QUESTION: I have an 800sqft apartment and have a room thermometer on one end and another in my bed room with the thermostat for my heatpump outside my bed room door.There is a constant difference of 4 degrees between the bed room/thermostat and the one at the far end of the apartment.Is this normal?The bed room and thermostat are more centrally located to the air handler,and the other is in a larger area with a double window and a sliding glass door

ANSWER: J.D.Skaggs,
What's normal is that thermometers are not all that aaccurate, especialy the ones used on a thermostat, you might put ten diffrent thermometers side by side and get ten diffrent readings?
There are lots of diffrent exposures in a dwelling that can  make a 4 degree diffrence.
I have a 4,000 sq. foot home with three diffrent thermostats plus a couple of thermometrs only spread about my home and I get a same to 8 degree diffrence from time to time depending on the sun and out door temp, seasons etc.

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QUESTION: How accurate is a thermostat setting to the temp. display-on average ?

A lot depends on the type of thermostat.
I just put a new Honeywell  heat only thermostat on a boiler zone and there is a good 10 degree difference, needless to say I'll be taking it back.
some thermostats have two thermometers, one that turns the heat on and off and another one for a person to look at, both or ether can be calibrated on some.

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