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I want to change my cooling only manual thermostat to a programmable.  I bought a Honeywell TB8220U.  On my old thermostat I have two sets of wires coming to it (R,G,W each set).

Old thermostat: R1 goes to "R", G1 goes to "Y", and W1 is not hooked up.  R2 & G2 are not hooked up and W2 goes to "Y" (with G1).

New thermostat has way more hookups, and I'm not sure if I should just hook it up the same or if it should be different with more hookups.

Old thermostat does not have option to just turn on fan which I would like to do.  Not sure if that matters.

I have a some concerns with your set up. If you wire it up as it is now, the fan will not come on with a fan only command.  The fan will only come on with a call for cool.  Normally the red goes to R, which is the 24v power in.  Yellow goes to Y, which is a call for cool. The Green goes to G which controls the fan.  You might get lucky and wire R1 to red, G1 to G and W2 to the Y.  Just set up the stat for conventional use.


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