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I have a Trane XE70 furnace in my house.  It's ~25 years old which the model # probably tells you.  My problem is the furnace will only stay on for a short time (~5 minutes) even though the setpoint temperature is far from being reached.  There's a thermal switch at the top of the unit,  kinda all by itself that is opening too soon, shutting off the unit.  The box that it's monitoring is barely warm to the touch so I think it's opening pre-maturely.  There are no markings on the switch.  I've jumpered out the switch and it stays on until the s/p is reached so the switch is the problem.  My problem is I can't find a schematic to show me the p/n for the replacement.  Any ideas??

Jumping out the thermo switch is a very bad idea.  I would NOT under any circumstance run a furnace without it.  The furnace has to be checked to make sure the switch is not faulty or went faulty because it overheated.  I am not sure if the part is a OEM without looking at it.  If the switch was open and the unit had not run, then I would say it is bad.   I would replace before ever running the unit for more then long enough to check the unit's operation.


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