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We have a Coleman Evacon unit, heat pump, in the basement. AC works fine. Problem is with the heat. Intermittently, when I turn the temp. up, the fan starts, there is a small Flash like the burner should light, but it doesn't and the fan just runs and runs... The furnace man has been here numerous times. Usually, it works for a day or so and the same problem again. We turn the temp. on our unit down when we are away at work. When we come home and turn the temp up, many times we get the scenero I described above. I have to turn off the heat and turn it back on - waiting about 10 minutes for each time and eventually it will begin working. Sometimes we wake up and its cold because it just quit working. The furnace man is supplied by our landlord and since the problem has never been fixed, I don't have a lot of faith in him. This time, it is not coming no matter what. Fan running, small flash of light, nothing. help :(

You say heat pump but you describe gas forced air furnace?
I don't how they do things in Tennessee but if it's a gas furnace the problem sounds like a flame sensor or maybe the burner igniter, I would to have a better description to pin point the problem but try cleaning the crud build up off of the flame sensor gently with a piece of fine sand paper or like material.

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