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QUESTION: i have an Amana ARB2557CSL refridgerator (s/n: 10339692CR). Recently the fridge stopped cooling both fridge and freezer sections. i pulled the fridge out and removed the back plate to just take a look and see if anything looked "not right". i pulled the start relay and capacitor from the compressor and the start relay was fried (burnt/smelled/rattling). The capacitor and compressor though doesn't appear to be burnt. Should i replace only start relay? how can i test capacitor and compressor?

ANSWER: Hello Scott,
         First of all Good Job diagnosing the problem.  I would simply replace the relay/overload protector which is sold as a pair.  The capacitor normally does not go bad and you need a special capacitance meter to  check it.  Testing with a voltage/ohm meter is not accurate at all.  To test the compressor, measure ohms from the stand alone terminal on the compressor to the two other terminals side by side.  Total the value and then measure across the bottom two.  What are each of these values?  Part number is 67002783 and your cost is 42.95 + 7.95 shipping through us.  Good Luck

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compressor picture
compressor picture  
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relay plug  
QUESTION: I just replaced the start relay but it looks like this didn't fix my issue. I kept it plugged in for about 20 minutes and i heard nothing coming from the back and the compressor feels room temp. Fan in back doesn't budge either. All i have is a simple voltage multimeter to work with, so I pulled the 2-wire plug that plugs into the relay (blue & white wires) and tried testing if it was getting power but i couldn't pull any volts at all. I then followed the main plug that goes from the wall to the first connection behind the fridge, pulled it and tested and i was able to get ~119 Volts from one side. Then pulled the connector that plugs into the fan and i couldn't get any volts coming from that. Not sure what is wrong here. I'm no expert but it doesn't sound like a compressor problem, maybe a power cable issue? But i can pull 119 Volts from the main cable to where it snaps into the wiring harness.

Also, i pulled the main connector behind the compressor that powers all the internal fridge stuff and i got a volt reading on that which makes sense because the lights work fine and the filtered water system seems to work fine.

I'm not sure where to go from here. i attached some pics to help.

ANSWER: Before getting too involved, the defrost timer is located in the fresh food section at the top in the control panel area. advance this timer 1/4 revolution and see if the unit fires up.  Let me know....   Eric

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QUESTION: Thank you for the advice! I slowly turned the defrost timer until i heard the fridge start up. Didn't turn that far at all for it to start. I am leaving the fridge on for a bit to make sure its working correctly before i move food back in. Thanks again!

Hello Scott,
         I stated to replace the relay simply because you said the relay was fried.  I would like to know where you purchased the relay and why not us and what you paid?  A simple question.  My second response was to advance the defrost timer.  Again, Good Job.  When you advanced, the unit fired up.  Has this been continuing for at least 24 hours?


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