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My baseboard hot water furnace is making a humming/rushing noise when it fires up and prior to firing up and there is alot of banging of the pipes in the baseboard and there is reduced heat output,temperature of water will not go above 130 degrees.

Besides the low heat output of course,this noise is very annoying and can be heard throughout my small cape cod type house.


Of course it is difficult to know exactly without seeing the system in operation, but from the description my best estimate is there is air in the lines. There will be either manual or automatic air bleeds on the system. Usually there are a number of them depending on the size of the piping system, but the one to especially bleed will be at the highest point of the piping. I would bleed it with the system at full heat and do it several times at least an hour apart to allow other air in the piping to accumulate at this point. If you can locate all air bleeds, do each one. Air will not allow enough heat to infiltrate the water and you will get a low heat output and it will create a lot of noise in the piping. Thanks J

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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