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How critical is it to clean ducts to an air conditioner, and how often should they be cleaned.  We've heard some say you never have to clean them if they look okay, but others say you should clean them because you can't see the dirt that may be hiding.  We bought a 1997 house that has a new TRANE  AC, but the  co. said the ducts were not cleaned when it was installed and that it's good to clean them now and every 5 years thereafter.  Thanks

Patty and Dave,
If there is a lot of dirt and dust blowing out of your outlets all the time I'd say clean the ducts and also find out where the stuff is coming from?
If there were any loose dirt/dust in your ducts it would blow out when the blower came on.
If you keep a well fitted filter in your return air side/system and change it every 30 days you won't get any dust in the duct work and you never have to clean your ducts.

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