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hi..on the central air system here, most of the air ducts are very close to the ceiling fans. it takes no more then two weeks at the most, and the blades are very dusty. is this normal or what is causing the dust to be blown all over the place? i have never had duct cleaning done here, namely because of the negative publicity there has been about it. any help you can give is greatly appreciated. thank you!!


Remove supply registers wash them, wash indoor coil on A/C unit, remove blower wheel assembly ,wash out the squirrel cage assembly, cleanoff the dirt from the blower motor.Use a pleated air filter,or install a electronic air cleaner ( they make them where they slide into an existing filter grille.) make sure return air is not bypassing the air filter.Clean the return grille(s) .Make sure your return duct is sealed and not pulling in surrounding air into your fan section upstream of your filter.May want to consider duct cleaning and sealing afterwards.I'm sure it would help somewhat.You do not mention if you have fiberboard or metal duct work. You also may have the fan speed to high for the rating of the ductwork ,basically to much velocity coming out of your registers.

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