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I am trying to figure out the best heater to buy for my mobile home. It is an old mobile home, so there is no insulation. I am trying to heat up my living room that has an open connection with the kitchen. It is not really huge, about the size of a single wide living room and kitchen. I have centeral heating, but I do not like to use it because the bill goes up way too high. I have tried space heaters before, but they do not work. I have bought this one space heater I think its a quartz heater. It doesn't do much as well even though the description says it is supposed to heat up to like a 1,000 sqft room.

I am thinking of trying propane heaters. I looked a few forced air heaters and they seem decent I guess. I am just really confused on what is the best heater. If I were to buy a gas heater I don't know anything about filling the tank, refilling the tank, or connecting it. I am kinda scared about the fact that it is gas. I also hope that gas heaters can shut off at a certain temperature like the electric heaters do. I'd like to hear your opinions and suggestions.


ANSWER: Hi Quentin,

Good question. You are right about the quartz heaters, really only good for one room. I do have a few questions so I can help you. Is your furnace running on propane? Do you have a heat pump? Is the bill that goes way to high for electric or propane?

If your not sure what you have send me the model # on your furnace and outside unit.

let me know!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The central air/heating is electric. The whole mobile home is ran on electric.


OK, that tells me you have a heat pump. The heat pump cools your house in summer and heats it in winter. Your furnace has electric strips to help out the heat pump when it's really cold out. It is very expensive to run these strips. It sounds like your heat pump is not working properly. The heat pump is the most economical way to heat your house. You won't see any huge increases in your electric bill. Instead of buying a new heater I would have the heat pump checked out.

There are a few things you can check yourself. If you want to try and check it out yourself, let me know and I can walk you through a few things.

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