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I'm now stumped :(....

About 9 months ago my Central AC Condenser unit's fan stopped spinning, I took the fan apart, lubricated all the bearings and axles and it worked beautifully for 9 months. Yesterday I noticed that it was getting pretty warm, I went to check on the Condenser unit outside and realized that the FAN had stopped working again. I re-lubricated as I did the last time, put it back together and the fan started working again, only this time there was no cold air coming out of the vent and the air blowing out of the compressor was cold (should be warm).

I did some research online and realized that it is very likely the capacitor, I replaced the capacitor today and unfortunately it still blowing hot air out of the vents and cold air out of the compressor (refrigerant line is no cold or wet).

I'm about to call an HVAC expert at this point, but just trying any last efforts before having to shell out $100+.

Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated.



Hopefully your compressor tripped on a manual resettable high pressure switch. Look at the compressor contactor to see if it's pulled in, if not look to see if your have a high pressure switch and if you do try resetting it. If your contactor is pulled in, and the compressor is not running you may have a locked up compressor( if outdoor fan runs )  Also need to check refrigerant level ,to make sure there is refrigerant in the system and it did not trip on a low pressure switch. Typically if it trips on a low or high pressure switch both the fan and compressor do not run.You also may just have a bad compressor run capacitor, preventing compressor from coming on. As far as relubing the outdoor fan motor your better off buying a new generic motor and capacitor.grainger.com being a nationwide Company is one source.  

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