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hi  joe, i hope you can help me with his question..i live in roch ny winters get pretty cold around here. my question is i have wood windows on the inside, the house is about 18 years old and is very tight and well insulated.  i have a newer furnace about 4 years old high efficient 95 plus. when the weather gets say under 25 degrees i have a buid up of moisture on the inside of my windows..to the point that i have to go around and dry the windows down or the water will get on the wood.[not good] i keep my house when we are home about 64 degrees and at night 62. i know that is cool but i don't like a warm house same with my my wife. i work outside so 64 is nice for me..i do notice the windows that we pull the shades down on them have more build up of water so now iam leaving the shades up. the entire window does not have condensation on it just about from 1/4 down...i have a humidity gauge it stays around 45 to 48% ...do you have any ideas how i can stop this or decrease it somewhat ??? would keeping the house warmer cure the problem..and if so what temp do you think ??? some one said by keeping the furnace fan on all the time would help..i do not think keeping the fan running all the time is a good idea. do you ??? besides that,, when the heat shuts down you would feel a cool breeze all the time right ???? any help would be very much appreciated..thanks in advance tom...


here's a website you can read, talks about windows not properly sealed aamount other things.You probably can google and get a better answer than I can provide.


You can try raising your heat and running your fan several hours a day to see . I do not know if it will work.

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