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Hi- We bought our house about 6 months ago, and know nothing about heating and cooling systems. I have a Kenmore SoftSound 100 Heat pump (2004) and a Coleman Evcon (1988) furnace. It started making banging noises about a week ago, but continued to work. One night it did not come on at all, so we shut off the thermostat and called a service tech.He came out and turned it on, everything comes on, with heat- no banging. He checks it out fixes a wire that he said "fell off" when he touched it and left, telling me all the noises I heard were normal. It had not been making that noise previously. Then he tells me what I described sounded like a blower motor and its $600. Units work for less then 24 hrs, banging continues and Now will not come on at all, and temperature is dropping. Any ideas I can give him since he obviously cant figure out what is wrong? Should I call someone else. What are the typical issues with these units? Thanks in advance.

Hi Shelly,

It's not normal if you hear banging coming from your furnace. I would not think the motor is going bad. I have never seen a motor that banged when it was failing. The first thing I would check is the wire that he re-attached. A loose connection will cause the motor to rapidly start and stop. Then you might hear banging. I don't know if he crimped the connecter or put a new one on, but he should have. Wires are not suppose to "fall off" when you touch them.

I would not call the same tech back out, he should have done a better job than what he did.

The only other thing i can think of is the motor mounting bracket is damaged or loose. I would hope the he checked to make sure the motor was secure.

I would not invest to much money in this. It's 25 years old and past it expected life time. A furnace that old I would at least have the heat exchanger inspected for cracks.

If you have any other questions let me know.  

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