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in my home we have an oil boiler for heat (radiators) and we have a full sized electric water heater for hot water. the cold water from the well goes through the boiler first and then to the hot water heater.  yesterday I had the boiler cleaned and the guy said I should leave the boiler on year round to keep condensation out (we do live in a very damp area). personally this seems VERY wasteful because in the summer every time someone uses hot water the cold water is going to cause the boiler to fire up. where I live, electric is crazy cheap. including showers, dishes etc. our electric water uses about 60 cents of electric per day but now that I'm running the boiler its costing me about $6 per day in oil and that's not for heating the house, just to keep the boiler at 110 degrees min (thermostats are turned all the way down)!
do I really need to run this thing year round?  if so, should I (can I?) "cap off" the domestic hot water loop and run electric only for hot water?
thanks so much for your time!

At our business we shut down our boilers every year. I would recommend flushing the lines every 3 years doing this but yes, I would shut it down. With it shut down, the water just flowing through the boiler will not make any difference for the hot water, so I would not worry about repiping as in the winter it will assist the water heater. Thanks J

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