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QUESTION: Recently moved into 13 yr old home (3200 sq ft floor plan). Two units, one is a 3 year old 2.5T Trane which supplies the main level and basement (seems to be functioning fine). Other unit is a 13 yr old 2.5T York which supplies the upper level (master bedroom, other bedrooms) that has been recently repaired: new defrost sensor, control board and R22 added.
First, the upper level and lower level thermostats are set and left at 70.
So, i measured the temps with thermometer and the output on all upper level vents was averaging 71-73 with intake being 68.
Master bedroom room temp is about 65 degrees. It's not warming up.
Outside temp at the time was 31.
All the lower level vents were averaging 92 (give or take 1-2 degrees) with intake temp being 72.3 Aux heat does work on lower level but it was not on when i recorded the temps.
I do not know if aux heat works on the upper level York unit.
Judging by this info, is the York unit in need of replacement or repair? Is it operating like it should? How can i get more heat from the York?
Also, the upper level thermostat is a Robert Shaw digital(appears old) and downstairs thermostat is Honeywell digital(newer). Will upgrading the Robert Shaw thermostat help?
I hope i've supplied enough information,
Thank you,

ANSWER: When you were doing your temp testing, are you sure the unit outside was running?
How long was the unit running?
Did you notice any ice on the unit outside?
Did you hire the repair person, or did the previous owners?
Does the unit run in cooling mode?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

The unit had already been running since i woke up at 0430 then i took temp readings at 0730, the York unit had run non stop and upper level room temps average 67.
There was frost (some ice) on the unit and a repair tech did find a bad defrost sensor and bad board plus 1 pound low on R22 all repaired 4 days ago. Repair tech also said frost on the unit is normal.
We moved in this September and as far as i know, the unit does run in cooling mode.
Again this morning i was up approx 0500 and the unit was running and still running at 0930 non stop. Upper level room temps was 66.
Not sure what other info you need but i may be able to give you more details.
Thank you

The frost is normal, and that tells me the unit was/is running in heat mode.  I can not say sitting here staring at a computer screen what maybe wrong with your unit.  I would think that the unit was working properly once it was serviced, but there is not way to be sure.  I just asked because I was looking for some history to possibly give you advice.  

You do need to keep in mind that heat pump heating capacity reduces very rapidly have the air time drops in the 40's  Example: a 4 ton unit looses about 10,000 btu's heating capacity from 40-30*f. The capacity degrades even more as the outdoor coil starts to freeze up.  

It is quite possible the heat strips are working on the one unit, which is why you had higher leaving air temps.  You need to see if you can determine if the heat strips are working in the unit of suspect.  Your thermostat should have a emer. heat setting to turn on just the strips.
Let me know what you find.  


ps.  Follow this link, it talks more about heat pumps.

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