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Hi Fred, I've got an easy one for ya, complete with a photo. I can't figure out of I have my furnace filter facing the right way. Seems as though there's an awful lot of dust lately piling up on everything. I'm wondering if I have it right. If you cant see on the photo, the arrows on the filter are pointing from the cold air return towards the furnace. I don't understand why it even matters but if I do have to turn it around, should I use a brand new filter? Thanks!


You got it right.

It looks like new construction. If so, you probably have construction debris in the supply ductwork that's becoming airborne when the blower operates. It always amazes me to find that kind of stuff downstream of an exotic filter.

Hopefully, the required turning vanes are provided at the filter inlet; if not, there's a huge pressure drop which would add to your power bill if the furnace has an ECM. Furthermore, a 16x25 is only good for 2-1/2 or 3 tons max, and the capacity the return duct may be less than that.


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