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I have an American Standard freedom 90 furnace model # TXC050C4HPB1. I read another Q&A where you explained normal operations and was curious as to how often my furnace should be cycling.  Currently its approx. 30 degrees and my thermostats is set at 65, the furnace runs about every 20 min. In addition, the draft blower cycles 5 to 10 times before the igniter glows, afterwards everything operates normally. All this happens with no change in the thermostat temperature.  Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

I don't know what exactly your thermostat is?
There are hundreds of different models.
I don't have a library full of reference literature on all the thermostats nor time to research them.
The job of the thermostat is to turn the furnace on when it gets below the set point and disconnect the power to the burner when it gets below the set point.
If you set the thermostat to 65 it cant turn on and off at the same setting, there has to be a differential such as on below 65 and off above 65.
your thermostat may have an  adjustable indicator for longer or shorter cycles in side the front cover?
The problem with the vent blower sounds like it's not operating properly, something obstructing the air flow?
How often your furnace calls for heat depends on your house's ability to hold the heat in and keep the cold out?  

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