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I have a Burnham gas furnace ( baseboard heating) and had a no-heat condition. The repairman diagnosed the problem as a bad low water cutoff ( TACO LWCO) unit. This happened on Christmas Eve and the part was not available. The repairman jumped the wires to bypass the LWCO and the heat came back on. He said this part is trouble prone, many furnaces don't even have this unit and it isnt absolutely necessary. The furnace is located in the basement, and there are no baseboards in the basement, it is not heated. The repairman said this is even more of a reason why the LWCO is not necessary and I could leave it with the jumped wiring. Please give me your opinion. Thanks

Hi Jeff,

I would replace the LWCO, don't leave it jumpered. The LWCO is an important part of the safety curcuit. If the boiler is low on water and the boiler fires up, this will damage your heat exchanger. Call someone else to replace it.

Let me know if you have any other questions

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