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I have a question about the gas furnace in my rental apartment. My roommate and I just noticed that there's open flame in the gas furnace closet which seems to be fire hazards to me. I was wondering if it is common for other older models of gas furnace? Would you recommend having a consultant coming in and evaluate? See attached pictures.

I can not tell from the pictures what, if anything, is missing.  My instincts want me to believe there is a vented cover that covers the hole where the burners are, but is could have been made without one.  I would not be as concerned as a fire hazard, but rather a safety hazard to keep something or someone getting in there and getting burned.  I have seen boilers and furnaces with exposed burners before, but mostly in the commercial side.  I always advice those that have gas appliances to make sure to have carbon monoxide detectors in the home.  It will kill you before you know it and there is no way to detect it otherwise.  I work with a guy were both of his parents were killed in one night while they were sleeping from it.



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