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I have a carrier 2 ton split heat/a/c unit. All electric. Model # FB4ANF024. The outside unit & the air handler both have their own 220 breaker.  I just bought a Generac 5500w continuous run generator. Will this generator run this unit in an emergency? It has 4 110v outlets and one 220 outlet rated at 30w. I plan on getting a transfer switch, & wiring it to my 200 amp service.

Hi Patrick,

When you say "all electric" I will assume you have a heat pump. I think that generator would run your heat pump and your furnace blower. I don't believe it would run your back up heat strips. That generator is rated for 22.8 amps. If you ran just 1 heat strip it would pull about 20 amps. I'm going to take a guess and say with your compresser, condenser fan and furnace blower, your going to pull about 15 to 18 amps.

I hope this helps.

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