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I have a 2,000 SF 2001 mobile home with an Intertherm downflow furnace.  I have had 2 furnace repairmen out but find that they are not knowledgeable with a mobile home.  When I turn on the furnace, everything seems to be fine ... except ... the air coming out of the vents is about the same as whatever the temperature is outside.
I plugged in an electric heater and as that heated up the room, the furnace shut off properly.  Is there a probable part causing the heat not to put out warm air.  This is gas and the pilot light remains on and looks ok.  I have a third man coming out on Friday and he stated he has mobile home experience.

Thanks so much for your thoughts.


Hi Debi,

There are only 2 things that are different on a mobile home furnace. They are downflow and they have a outside air intake. A good service tech should be able to get the furnace up and running.

The reason why the furnace is blowing such cold air is the outside air intake. Obviously the burner is not coming on. There are several reasons for this. The first thing I would check is the thermocouple, this is the part that the pilot flame blows on. It can be cleaned with sand cloth or steel wool. The thermocouple tell the gas valve that it ok to open.

The gas valve could be bad, the burners could be dirty, or the gas pressure could be low. Have him check all these things. If you use natural gas the pressure should be 3.5", if propane it should be 10.5".

I am located near the Kansas city area. If the tech thats coming out on friday can't get it running, let me know.  

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