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Carrier Furnace pre-93
Carrier Furnace pre-93  
Hi.  I have a Carrier brand furnace that came with the house when I bought it in 1993.  I don't recall when the last time was I had the filter replace or if I did.  But in any case it's certainly past due.  I went to the Carrier web site to try and find the manual but no luck.  And I don't see a model number anywhere on the unit.  I don't see any slot in the ducting to slide out a filter.  Perhaps it is in the unit itself?   Any idea on how I should open the bottom part or perhaps you have a thought on the model of the unit?  Any advice appreciated.

Hi Michael,

You are right, the filter could be in the fan compartment. Take the top cover off first by pulling up. Then the fan cover should come off. On some of the older units they put the filter on the inside. But most installers took the filter out and put it in the return air duct.  While you are in there check the fan and motor for dirt. If its been a while since you have changed the filter you might want to have the A-coil cleaned.

Manual's are hard to find on most brands, even with the model #.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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