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bard thermostat
bard thermostat  

bard thermostat
bard thermostat  
my thermostat is not working and my apartment is freezing. i took a look at the thermostat and it appears that the fuses are not generating a spark. where can i purchase another fuse?

Hi Robyn,

Sounds as though you may need a new thermostat. Your apartment complex is generally responsible for these types of replacements
or repairs. If not, visit your local Home Depot or Lowes (or hardware store) and purchase a simple "no frills" thermostat. Disconnect the
old thermostat & bring it with you to buy a new one....this will help the store clerk more closely match what you've used in the past, and may
help expedite your process of making a good choice in the event that there are several similar units.

Good luck!

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