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We just turned our furnace on for the winter. It is only about 7 years old and before has usually been fairly quiet. However, now during the mornings when it first kicks on I'll hear a ticking or rattling sound. It wakes me up and for a split second I'll think it's raining outside.I only hear the ticking while it's on and about 5-10 minutes after it has shut off. All the ducts are metal, and I've vacuumed out all of the vents already. I've looked at other people's questions about this same problem online, and it seems it's probably from the metal expanding and contracting. How do I fix this problem? My vents are in the floor.

It is somewhat normal for metal ducts to make some noise.  As the metal heats up, it expands.  Checking the system for anything loose is a start. You may even consider having flex joints installed to give the ducts a bit of room to expand, which might help.  Replacing metal ducts with flex/fiberglass will take all of the expansion out of the system, removing the noise.


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