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Jim, thanks for your help.
Is the system disconnect switch for this unit the box usually affixed to the outside wall of the house or is this something that is located on the unit itself.  Also what is meant by "closing" the switch.  I don't understand the terminology "opening" and "closing".
Which is turning it on and which is turning it off.  That I understand.  You flip a switch one way or the other.  This system has instructions about energizing the compressor heater to evaporate liquid refrigerant if the power has been off from the unit 12 hours or more.  You do this by "closing" the system disconnect switch.  Your answer to the above question about the switch position will help me understand their information.

Thanks again

Opening the switch means turn off/disconnect, closing  the switch means connect turn off/disconnect.
when you turn on a light you close the switch, when you turn off a light you open the switch.
I don't know what you have for switches outside,
An outside switch is usually for the purpose of servicing the unit, you can turn it on and off (open and close) without running back and forth to the breaker box or thermostat, plus you can tell better what's going on.

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