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QUESTION: I have a Arcoaire Model # pgf030k08a. The blower kicks on which engages the pressure switch but the ignitor does not glow. Any suggestions on where to start. The pressure switch tube is free of of any obstruction. The control board does not have an LED light. Also the blower runs until I pull the fuse to turn off the furnace. This happens every day or so one day it will work and the next it will not work. Any ideas on the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Terrence,

Did you use a voltmeter to test the switch? Sometimes you can not hear the switch closing. You should check for obstructions in the exhaust and intake pipes. These pipes are usually 3" white PVC. If the pipes are clear, then turn the breaker off to the furnace and remove the ignitor. Check for cracks or discoloration.

If you know how to use a voltmeter write me back and I can give you more info.

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QUESTION: No I did not use a voltmeter on it and yes i do know how to use one. I can hear the switch closing when the cycle first starts up. I will check the exhaust and intake as well as the ignitor today.

I did some research on your Arcoaire. I assumed this was a split system ( my bad). what i found is you have a packaged unit. they both operate about the same.

The wiring diagram calls your ignitor  "a sparker". This works kinda like a spark plug. This can be removed and cleaned with steel wool or a fine sandpaper.

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