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I have had to replace the contactor switch on an AC hot & cold system, difficulty with where the wires go as the old one was so burned, however, I have discovered that what i believe to be the control wires for Comp and fan are Y and W2 on terminal board. The system runs fine on cold, but only 1 min on heat. These two wires are 24 Volts but they raise to 230V  and so energize the switch, does that sound correct, i thought most switches are 24V to energize? It has a new int PCb & Thermostat, no Lp or HP switches/safety are wired in. Comp heater is R and C and are constant on heat. Can you help or need more info. Many thanks Peter

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If you hve 24 volt circuits going 230v it will burn the transformer and wiring, take a look at the diagrams i supplied and get back to me with specific questions, I am not understanding specifically what you are asking.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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