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our house is 10yrs old. we have had our furnace serviced annually, have had the duct work cleaned and change the filters faithfully as required. we have removed all carpet and replaced with hardwood throughout the entire house. the problem is dust. we dust every day and before the end of the day, it is apparent again. we have no children or pets. we have asked many hvac companies in our area with no success. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks.

The only place your furnace can get dust is from the return air system,duct work or the furnace return air blower chamber open to dust/dirt.
I cant see the system but it may not even be the furnace?
Any type of exhaust fan is going to pull air in from outside.
Bath room fan, Kitchen fan, Clothes dryer, etc.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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