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Why does the fan on the condenser need to run during the heating season. My fan wobbles too much and I cannot buy a new blade right now. Can I just disconnect the fan motor from the circuit and still have heat? Is there any problem in doing so?

Hello Albert,
If you want to get heat from the heat pump,the outside fan must run.
You have a few option here. Option #1 would be to turn the thermostat switch to emergency heat.This would bring on  the electric heat strips in your furnace to warm your house and turn off your heat pump(outside unit). Electric heat is very expensive to run, so getting your heat pump running again is your best bet.

Option #2 is maybe to try and fix it yourself. You say it wobbles to much. It might be the motor has come loose. Disconnect the power before you try this. Remove the screws around the top of the unit. the motor and fan blades will come out in one piece. Tighten any nuts or screws.

option #3 is to call someone to come and and fix it.

If you have any other questions feel free to write me back.

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