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Our Rheem rrka-a036jk08e stopped working. I could hear the system trying to turn on but wouldn't. Called a service technician and was told the inducer fan motor was bad and the heat exchanger was cracked (actually he showed some me rust and put a screwdriver tip into it). Due to the age (2004), he recommended changing out the entire unit and provided an estimate of just over $6k. I had other companies provide estimates as well with the the range from $4500 to more than $9k.
None of them suggested replacing the motor and heat exchanger.
Some questions:
1) Is it worth replacing the motor and heat exchanger?
2) If so, difficult to accomplish myself?
3) Is it prudent to replace the entire system?
4) If so, expected range of costs?
5) Any "gotchas" I should be aware of?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

There is no reason to replace the unit.  The unit came with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger.  If it has a stainless one, then it has a 20 year warranty.  You will have to pay the labor to install it.  The inducer fan is not covered, and will have to be replaced.  You might be able to locate the fan motor/blower online.  It is not hard to change out.  Here is the link to your unit.  Your unit is less then 10 years old, you should expect another 5-10 years of life with the unit.  There is a contact form on Rheem's website if the contractors seem less then trust worthy on any warranty issues.



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