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I know your specialty is probably full house/building systems, but I couldn't find someone who might specifically know about space heaters. I was thinking of buying a space heater to heat a single room, but from what I've read it sounds like the odds of burning ones house down are really quite great when using such a unit. What do you know about them? Know any brands and models that might be safe enough to fall asleep while it's running? I don't mind spending a little more money for safety.

We use space heaters in my home for years and have never had an issue.  Just make sure you follow the safety requirements of the heaters.  Do not use extension cords, place on good solid hard surfaces away from animals.  Keep away from curtains and the like.  I prefer the ones with a thermostat built in.  It will turn on and off to control temp.  Some may come with switches that will turn it off if it falls over or overheats.  Most important, unplug it when you leave.  I would not in any way buy used or cheap.

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I have been in the HVAC field for the past 18 years. I can help with most HVAC questions. I work on commerical buildings for the most part, and have yet to find anything I could not troubleshoot and repair, when repairable. I work on small 1 ton units to a 2500 ton chiller. Troubleshoot air flow, elect, and control problems. I attend regular classes to keep up with the latest and greatest.


I work on commerical sites, hospitals, gov't buildings. I can troubleshoot just about anything in the HVAC business.

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