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Hello,I recently replaced my thermostat with a 'smart' unit that has the feature that it will not call for heat unless 5 minutes has passed. This has uncovered an issue I am having with my furnace. What is happening is that the thermostat is operating properly and calling for heat, then I observe on the t-stat what I describe as a 'reset' or a 'power blip' whereby the thermostat seems to 'reboot' at which point it goes into its 5 minute wait before calling for heat again. The result on a cold day is that the t-stat can't keep up with the heating because the more it resets, the more it waits before calling for heat again. I have replaced the t-stat and the replacement is acting the same way. I replaced it with a 'dumb' t-stat and I can tell that the power blip is still happening but because the t-stat doesn't have the 5 minute override, the furnace starts up within a second or two. I do not know how to troubleshoot this as it is an intermittent (yet recurring) issue. I verified that there is 28VAC between the R and C terminals, and when the t-stat is calling for heat I observed 28VAC between the R and W terminals (this test was requested by Trane product support, the t-stat maker). Thank you for your help.


Trane does not actually make t-stats they just put their name on it along with other manufacture. In regards to the smart stat does'nt the manufacture have a phone number to call or e-mail address to talk to a Tech. Rep. typically the stats I have installed usually have a phone number many are toll free.You should always have 24 Volt ac between R and C terminal at the stat as those terminals are the actual low voltage side of the transformer. You should only have 28 volts ac between R and W only when your not calling for heat, once the heat switch closes from R to W to start your heat you should read zero volts,not 28 volts as you state." when the t-stat is calling for heat I observed 28VAC between the R and W terminals (this test was requested by Trane product support" The three big t-stat manufactures are White Rodgers, Robertshaw, and Honeywell. Suggest you find who actually makes your "dumb " stat and call that manufacture. I am not familiar with the smart stat, there are literally hundreds of models of stats,out there I am not familiar with anywhere near all of them.You can try another expert, there is one who specializes in t-stats and control

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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