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QUESTION: Hello Jim , we own a manufactured home in Mesa , AZ and we use a heat pump/ac package. We are going to have new system installed and are trying to decide which way to go? Our ac is used more than our heat pump , winter temp. rarely drops below 35 where a heat pumps effeciancy would fall off and we are wondering if we could save some expense by installing a quality ac and heat strip system and not bother with the heat pump side ? Does this make sense ? Also what are your recommendations as to brand names i.e. American Standard , Carrier , Trane etc. ? Any help/info. would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks , Bill

ANSWER: William,
All residential heating and cooling equipment is basically the same if you compare the same specs, some have a higher priced name but it's no better.
Just get the best deal you can and forget the name brand.
A heat pump is just an air conditioner that has a reverse control, companys make it sound like a big expensive deal when it's not, you can heat cheaper with a heat pump then a heat strip.
You need to do the math depending on your usage?

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QUESTION: Jim , our home is 1056 sq.ft. and we have a 4 ton Nordyne unit that was installed in 2004, when the house was new . We have owned the house for 2 years and the unit has worked well , heating and cooling effeciently and quickly . Your rule-of-thumb states 1 ton for every 400 sq.ft. Is ours overkill or should we stick with a 4 ton for our replacement unit ? Thanks again , William

If your existing works well I don't know why you would want to change it?
Square footage of an area is only a small consideration, you have to know what temperatures your dealing with, what your homes ability is to hold the heat or cooling in and keep the same out, what temperature you want it to be inside when it's 100 or more outside.
If your satisfied with your existing 4 ton I would say leave it, if your unit is cycling on and off to quickly you may want to reduce the size, if it never reaches the set temperature you might think about increasing it.
No matter the size it's still going to take the same amount of heat or cool to do what you want.  

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