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QUESTION: when I woke up this morning I smelled a loud burning smell in my apartment, first I thought it was my neighbors, they smoke. It was my a/c! I jumped out of bed and turned it off. I would like to know if this sounds familiar, and if you could tell me, can I run my heat if maintenance hasn't looked at the a/c problem yet? Is it something easy that I could do to get the a/c running again. I'm in the south, and the weather is warm one minute, cold the next. Please help!

ANSWER: cristie,
I don't know what type unit you have? Need more details.

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QUESTION: I don't see a name on it. Does this help, Model no. A24-10C Goodman Manufacturing, Co.?

I mean some sort of description like, split system ac outside gas furnace inside in basement, attic, closet, other?
Gas heat electric heat, heat pump?
Self contained heating and cooling all in one unit outside?
Loud noise, and a burning smell, thermostat was set for heating, cooling?
No matter what it is it shouldn't have a burning smell or a loud noise.
There are numerous components that can go bad/faulty on heating and cooling units, If you have a landlord they have 24 hours to check it, fix it etc. or tell them you can call a service company and they can pay the bill.

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