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Hi Jim,

I live in a desert climate and we can easily experience dry days into the 110-115 range (occasionally up to 120) for much of the summer months. I currently have two units for my 2,000 sf home and am looking to replace the system. While we rarely ever use the furnace, we will go ahead and replace it at the same time. The one company said that we need 20 seer units to keep cool, while the next one said that 15 seer with single stage furnace will be plenty to provide efficiency and keep the house cool. While I don't want to spend more than I need to, I also don't want to regret not getting a good enough system. Is 15 seer a good choice? I also wanted to get your opinion on the thermostats that work with the smartphone apps. Are they reliable? We're being quoted $600 per thermostat, so I just want to make sure that they're dependable.

Are you familiar with the Day and Night systems? Are they sufficient or should I spring the extra money for a Trane system?

Thanks for your advice!

SEER ratings have nothing to do with how much heating or cooling a furnace or air conditioner unit will produce.
Seer rating is a measurement of how much electricity it uses, kind of like gas mileage for a car.
I know the Day and Night equipment from years back but the name has been sold to different manufactures  a few time since. Trane is a big name in the industry but it's not any better then any other equipment.
You need to calculate the amount of heating and cooling BTU's you need and just get the best price and warranty, forget the brand name.
If your looking for economy check into your electric suppler, past bills etc.

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