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Hello Eric,

I have a 22-year-old Rheem central air unit in my home. I'm running the fan 24/7 now because my dog has COPD.  (Use top of the line 3M filters.)  Would there be any anger of fire from running the fan continuously in this older unit?  Is there any basic maintenance that should be done to insure the fan's safe operation?

I'm away during the day for work.  Don't wnat to take any chances.

Not really my field....however I know motors.  Being that old of a unit, I would check the both ends of the motor and look for little oilers....meaning little caps or tubes where you can oil the bearings at each end of the motor.  If none, unit has a sealed bearing.  No fire damage but will burn out sooner than if running normally.  Hope this helps.  Eric  

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