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Hi Jim
We have an older model Napoleon gas 'stove' fireplace. It fits into a recessed area in the basement wall, cut into the foundation. It is about 3 feet wide, two feet deep, and goes right up to the ceiling. Lots of room for this little fireplace and the pipe.
I want to chuck this as it never did work to well, I have replaced the ignitor twice, and the vent on the outside keeps getting covered in snow putting out the pilot light.
I was thinking about getting an electric one.
A couple questions.
Should I go with another gas one, or possibly pellet or electric?
I live in western Canada so it does get used a lot-not so much for heating, but for 'warmimg up'.
Also, there will be space above it. Would it be safe to put a TV up there? It would fit nicely and look good, and free up more floor space.
Or, is an electric one a safer bet?
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hello Bud,
I am in NW Missouri and pellets are very popular around here. With gas or pellets you will still have a flue. Is the flue exposed? If it is I wouldn't mount any thing close to it. As for the electric it would cost more to operate. If your budget will allow it I would go with the electric. Much safer and no flue to get plugged with snow.

ps. Depending on the volts you might have to run a dedicated circuit. Something to think about.  

Good luck!

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