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We have an older model Napoleon gas 'stove' fireplace. It fits into a recessed area in the basement wall, cut into the foundation. It is about 3 feet wide, two feet deep, and goes right up to the ceiling. Lots of room for this little fireplace and the pipe.
I want to chuck this as it never did work to well, I have replaced the ignitor twice, and the vent on the outside keeps getting covered in snow putting out the pilot light.
I was thinking about getting an electric one.
A couple questions.
Should I go with another gas one, or possibly pellet or electric?
I live in western Canada so it does get used a lot-not so much for heating, but for 'warmimg up'.
Also, there will be space above it. Would it be safe to put a TV up there? It would fit nicely and look good, and free up more floor space.
Or, is an electric one a safer bet?
Thanks for your thoughts!

This will be determined by your rates, however the benefit of gas over electricity is not as great as it was in past, in Canada the rates for power have been favorable for heating with electric, I assume you mean a  resistive heat strip or ground source heat pump as the ambient temps of 40F and below are not favorable to heat pump operation to be optimal. Electric is certainly free of the venting requirement and the gas units typically create infiltration of the amount oif air the expel unless it has a combustion air source from outdoors.
Id used for warming up ass described and if the power is close to gas I would go that way myself.

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