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Hi Jim
We have an older Napoleon gas fireplace approx.25? years old? It fits, with a foot of space all around it, into a recessed area in the wall about 4'x4'x3' deep.-with a big flue. It takes a long time to heat up so I was thinking about possibly replacing.
It has given me issues with snow collecting on the outside exhaust, turning it off. Recently, for some reason, it has been coming on my itself even if the switch on the back is in the off position. The basement where it is is pretty cold this cold winter-maybe thats why?
The biggest issue is last time it went out, I couldnt get any spark from the ignitor when I tried to relite it. Am I doing something wrong or is the ignitor shot?
If it is a simple job to replace the ignitor by myself maybe I will do it if the part is available.
If not, I would like to get somethoing more modern-without the big pipe, that would fit more snugly into that space and give me more hat and more of a flame 'show'.
Thanks for your ideas!

Hello Bud,
I am not an expert on fireplaces but it works about the same as a furnace, so I'll give it a shot. Try removing the ignitor and clean it with steel wool or a fine sand paper. Trace the wires back to where they are connected and make sure you have a good connection. If you have a volt meter you can remove the ignitor wires from the ignitor module. Then test these terminals while you are trying to relite it. No volts, no spark. Could be a bad module.

As for it coming on by itself,does it have a thermostat that cycles it off and on? If it does then yes it could be the cold air from the basement.

Hope this helps you.

Keep me posted on what you find.

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