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Goodman 2.5 ton Gas pak unit, Model number GPG13300701AB, on concrete pad outside

I keep having a problem with my heat going out.  The first 2-3 times it went out was infrequent.  Each of these times, I pulled the access panel and found a red flashing light on the circuit board and the draft inducer would be running.  After finding the red light, I would shut off the main power to the unit and check all connections.  After power cycling 2-3 times, I would then have heat.

This past week it has become more frequent, 1-2 times every day or two.  I have found that if I turn the thermostat down low wait a minute and then turn it up high, 2-3 times, then the heat will come on.

What would be causing this, the circuit board going bad or something else?


There should be a legend sticker stuck on the unit close to the red flashing light, when the unit fails and flashes a certain number of times you read the number of flashes on the legend and it tells you what the problem is?

You need the number of flashes in a group when the unit fails to light, if too much time passes the unit will lock out and you'll get a steady flash.  

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