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First thank you for your time.I'm replacing a 14 yr. A/C system and now getting quotes. Have Rudd,Lennox,Goodman,Trane,& Carrier. Asked for 16 SEER/5ton.Quotes cover variable speed/1stage, 2stage,and 2-compressor units.Not hung up on Brand but looking @ price warranty,coil/compressor,DB,& contractor I trust.Leaning toward Rudd/Rheem 5ton 16seer,1stage,variable speed A/H,cost approx,$4000. Question is 2-stage comp.vs single (comfort vs efficiency-air flow?)and variable speed? And bells and whistles, lighting for mold,right thermostats can be pricey(like simple).Hard to compare apples to apples and what I really should pay and need... Thanks Bob

Residential heating and cooling units are (in my opinion) pretty much the same in quality if you compare the same specifications, one brand is no better then the other.
In my area I like Goodman best becuse I get the best prices, best availibility,service, parts, no hassle.
I don't use Lennox becuse I don't belong to there good old boys club, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, are high price names but there products are no better then any other, Rheem, was a good company for me in my day but has moved around since.
My advice is get the BTU size you need to satasfy your self, get the best manufacturs warrenty, read the small print, the installers labor warrenty is only as good as he is and is in bisness.
Forget the stage stuff, and the variable speed stuff, all heating and cooling units have 2-3 speeds.
just use a simple heating-cooling thermostat.  

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