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I have a 6 zone radiant heat system with an Argo ARM-6 control panel. The control panel started to make a clicking noise and the X-X and  the ZR-ZC diodes flash on and off (i have a video of it, but can't upload on this site). I think the clicking sound is the from one of the relays (OMRON MY2) turning on and off repeatedly. I shut the power to the control panel and waited a couple of hours and then unread back on and it worked for a couple of hours before making the same clicking noise again. Once while it was working I turned all the thermostats down so no heat was necessary and as soon as I turned the last one down it started clicking again (coincident?). A technician came by and said it was loose wiring and tightened them, but a couple of hours later it started again. They say the panel needs to be replaced and want to charge $700 to do it. I think maybe one of the relays are malfunctioning and if so I could buy one online for $10 and replace it (can I do this myself or would I risk damage). If it is the panel I could buy online for $200 and replace myself. It looks like just reconnecting the wires to the panel in the way it is currently connected. Is it that easy to replace or are their jumpers or setting I need to change. What do you think? Thanks in advance for your help.

The only thing I could think of is to remove all of the thermostat wires off of the panel(you would need to only remove one off the screw for each cable to take the thermostats out of the circuit), and then put them back one at a time until you get the chattering.  Then you know which one it is.  (The chattering should not occur with all the thermostats disconnected)

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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