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First off thank you for the opportunity that you offer to help with answers. I installed two complete brand new A/C units in my house 18 months ago, and I have a service contract that bring a technician twice a year. Yesterday they came for one of those maintenance services and the guy found that in one of the units the coils are badly rusted. He told me that they can use the guarantee but since that involves some other procedures that have out of pocket expenses he would prefer to something that would stop the corroding process. So he said that if they change the UV light bulb and seal all the ducts around the entire house (i think he called it mask sealing)that would solve the problem for ever. And if the coil keeps on rusting they then will execute the warranty. The guy was using the typical "Car Sales Technique" that made me think twice about his recommendation. What do you think? Is he correct? do the UV light bulbs has to do anything with that? How about the Mask sealing job? Thank you so much for any help that you can offer me.


He should have showed you the heavy rust . If your coil is all aluminum there should be no rust. If its copper/aluminum with a! metal frame , light rust on the metal frame would not be unusual. The drain pan is made of plastic. if your coil is truly rusting severely you should check your blower motor body as that is made of metal and should also be rusty.I would look at the  coil yourself. Why is the other coil on the other system not rusted? I think he is trying to sell you something you don't need.

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